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NPQ Leading Teacher Development

National Professional Qualification Leading Teacher Development (NPQLTD)

This qualification is for teachers who have, or are aspiring to have, responsibilities for leading the development of other teachers in their school. They may have responsibilities for the development of all teachers across a school or specifically trainees or teachers who are early in their career. 

What will you learn?

  • Teaching - you will learn how to develop teachers at all levels in your school, building strong systems that underpin their professional development.
  • Designing professional development - you will strengthen your ability to design effective CPD that makes a genuine difference to pupil outcomes.
  • Delivering effective professional development - you will deepen your knowledge of the best ways to develop models of professional development and dialogue that inspires teachers to become the experts that their pupils need.
  • Implementation - you will learn how to implement change successfully within your context by understanding the stages of implementation and applying them with the support of your facilitators and colleagues.

How long will it take?

12 months followed by an 8-day open book summative case study task.

How is the course structured?

Write more here.

What are the benefits for you and your school?

We know that our children and young people need teachers who are committed to their education and are confident learners themselves. The programme has been developed with teachers and leaders to:

  • Create professionally confident teachers and leaders.
  • Grow the next generation of leaders with the skills and knowledge to use the evidence-base for the benefit of their children and young people.
  • Retain the best teachers who are excellent, collaborative role models for their schools and communities.
  • Inspire leaders who can harness the power of rich learning environments for their children and young people no matter the current circumstances.

When will it start?

There will be two start dates in 2021- November 21 and Feb 21.

How much will it cost?

£885 if you need to pay- BUT see scholarship funding below - this programme is free for the majority of teachers!

Are scholarships available for this programme?

Full scholarship funding, with no cost to the participant or school, for the NPQ in Leading Teacher Development is available to all teachers who meet the following criteria:

  • Have, or are aspiring to have, responsibilities for leading the development of other teachers in their school.
  • Work in a state-funded school in England.